Our lesson structure incorporates the development of multiple musical skills to enable accelerated learning and success.

The type of music you can learn is your choice. Some students just like to learn for the pleasure that music brings and the satisfaction of learning an instrument, while others aim for formal recognition of their acquired skills through AMEB examinations.

We welcome all ages to learn to play piano and offer  individually tailored music lessons to suit all learners.Our depth of experience and individual approach ensures learning progress and achievements suited to the goals and ambitions of our students.


School of Music

We teach all music styles including Contemporary Music, Jazz, Classical,andPopular.Our piano lessons cover the full range of learning outcomes: 
Piano Lessons

Piano (Pianoforte)
usic for pleasure
Preparing for Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams, 1st to 8th Grade

​HSC Exams
iano for Leisure

Musicianship Lessons Our musicianship lessons are graded by the Australian Music Examination Board 1st to 8th Grade for students intending to pursue music professionally.
Professional Training
Offering tuition in Level 2 (Certificate of Performance) along with Level 3 (Advanced Development, AMUSA & LMUSA)